CPM, n. Also spelled CP/M. An acronym for "Control Program for Microprocessors", CP/M was a text-based operating system popular in the late 70s and early 80s. Developed for Intel 8080 and Zilog Z80 machines, it was also ported to x86. Utterly destroyed by MS/DOS (which was derived from CP/M) and IBM's x86 PCs (The PC, XT, and AT). This was the OS used on the famous Osborne portable computers, remembered both for being the first portables, and having a screen smaller than a postcard.
Many people think MS/DOS was a cheap ripoff of CP/M.
by Deuce on Guard August 08, 2003
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dood: why is she always a bitch?
dude: 'cause she has CPMS
by k_khat July 24, 2009
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acronym for Call of Duty, Porn, Masterbate. a lifestyle.
Friend: What are you going to do today after school today?
You: What I do everyday, CPM.
by predator990909 May 27, 2010
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And outdated OS, also an anacronym for Computer Programming magic
Old schoolers used to use CPM with old school Vector Graphics computers.
by Dave November 26, 2003
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CPM is the ratio in which an individual orgasms. "Cums per minute".
For example: an individual orgasms 7 times in an hour, then their CPM would be 0.11
by guitarfreak553 September 21, 2010
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A school full of rednecks in the middle of indiana. There is more vape in the bathrooms than there are people pooping. Most people at this school have an IQ less than there age which is 15 in 7th grade. Also there are more drug busts at this school than there are in prison.
Jimmy: That person is stupid.
Jane: How do you know?
Jimmy: They go to CPMS.
by RANDOM HOMOSAPIAN April 05, 2018
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