a name given to a person so others can talk about them in private or while they are around.
lindsay: omg look at susan following jack around! she is so in love creepy!
ashley: who is susan?
lindsay: allisons code name duh
by yooooreeeeeguss July 22, 2008
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Boys are given names of food or ice cream flavors as code instead of their real name giving the girls power to talk freely about whatever food or flavor they want ;P
"Omg! Potatoes and Orange are so sexy!" - girl #1
"Yeah they are!!" - girl #2
"Wait...what?" - boy

by aWESOMEnessyo August 19, 2011
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A band created by the best musicians ever. They are a new uprising band in Penn Hills.
Duuuuuude! Are you going see that wicked Code Name Bermuda concert this Sunday?
by TC who is aka Bubba March 7, 2007
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A hardcore crew of rappers from the ghetto known as Tring in Hertfordshire. As they said 'most rap is happening in London, but you don't have to be from London to rap.' First becamse famous after being featured on the 1989 hit tv documentary 'bbc rapping low down' they rose to fame from there. Ratty boy (aged about 10, siginificantly younger than the rest of the crew) is the only known and named member of the crew. They rap about serious matters such as global warming, racism and politics. Famed for their posh accents, brilliant dancing and beat boxing antics, this crew are the best (and admitidely only) rap group to come from Tring.

A comeback is rumoured for early 2009! (probably a complete lie)
Code name rebel crew member: I just don't agree with sky tv
Fan: *swoon* I love you code name rebel crew

Ratty boy: Racism is a bad point, i've written a rap about racism, cos i reckon it'll express more strongly than what i can say in words
'way back in the days of sorrow
we thought there'd be no tomorrow
Martin Luther had to fight
Blacks should have an equal right'
Other rapper: yeah big up the code name rebel crew!
by TofuStockExchange April 29, 2008
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Person that hates almost everything except russia, cs:go , vodka and rakija. He usualy stays in his room all day and does basicly nothing useful. He is a slav.
Simon code name: Debil is a true slav I wish i was like him.
by pedr64 August 2, 2018
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