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Although there student section may not be the biggest its just as loud and crazy as any others.A team with a lot of pride and show it in some crazy rituals and dances.Their student section gets everyone involved and combine with the band and cheerleaders to create a sense of team pride.Love to talk shit with the other team and love knowing everyone hates them.
We have to play Penn Hills next week.Awe shit.
Did you see those Penn Hills kids?
by -------/.,.---- October 07, 2006
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a neighborhood near pittsburgh. their football team is the indians & the students have major school pride.
all the black kids from penn hills pretend they are from homewood and the white kids all act black. the get a really bad rep because the kids in the middle school, linton, call in a bomb threat once a week.
those kids with the homewood shirts are actually from penn hills.
by 412bitxh July 29, 2008
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