isn't it fuckin funny!
every single person who has entered a definition for "CKY" thinks they fuckin rock.....well i've got summit 2 tell u all......YOU'RE FUCKING SO RIGHT!!!!
cky = fucking mental!
cky = fucking great!
cky = fucking best band eva!
cky = fucking......er......YEAH!!
by your name here February 20, 2004
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1) the best band ever!!! stands for camp kill yourself. members: Deron Miller, Jess Margera, Chad I. Ginsburg, and Vern Zaborowski.
2) movies like jackass
CKY Live From Hellview was the best fuckin show ever.
by Alaina November 20, 2003
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An awesome band with extreme lyrics and guitar riffs that fucking kick ass.
Anyone that doesn't like CKY can go and fuCK themselves.
by Melissa February 16, 2004
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Bam Margera isnt in CKY..o.O

One of the best bands ever.

Funny DVD's where they do hilarious stunts.

"That CKY DVD rocked!"
by Kittie July 27, 2004
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Camp Kill Yourself. They will always be the best band in the history of the universe. The movies are awesome, too.
"I can play every CKY song with my eyes closed and one finger up you."- Chad Ginsburg, Ask CKY
by Lindsey February 02, 2004
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camp kill your self, one of teh greast fucking bands,/series of movies ever
by andrew April 30, 2004
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