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CHEG is slang for 'Check it!'.

Used when one finds an awesome scene or item and wants to show everyone immediately.

Kinda like putting an approved stamp on something rad.
'Duuuude, Cheg this out!'
'Cheg it!'
'This is so Cheg-worthy.'
'You have been Chegged.'
by nvrslps October 12, 2011
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Cheg- (v) to be awesome, (n) an awesome being, (adj) completing an awesome action in an awesome way. to cheg
Hannah be cheggin'
by eskimohan1287 April 26, 2011
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kinda like sayin cheg
showin ur apreciation for sumat by flikin ur hand out and makin that anoyin clikin sound when ur fore finger cracks ur index finger.
cheg this out
thats well mad (click click click)
by sam October 15, 2003
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synonymous with 'hard luck' or 'tough shit', shortened form of 'chegferdille' (approximate spelling) origin unknown, first recorded use Fairlands Middle School, Cheddar, circa 1978/9, sometimes used with dismissive 'go away, peasant' hand gesture.

ref see
"Hey, that's my seat, I was there first!"
by (anon.) October 03, 2007
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Cheek meets legs.

this refers to the sexy area of a girls butt cheek that meets the leg with awesome definition and tone. This is the part of the butt that is most attractive.
Dude that chick has amazing Chegs, I'd hit that in a heart beat.
by Slowstroke August 03, 2010
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The true definition of a Cheg as first uttered by Mahatma Ghandi.

A Cheg is formed after an individual is sick. The sick travels through the Oral-Nasal tubes in the back of the throat remaining there until morning. This sick then dries into small benign pieces known as chegs. The inidividual may then pick the small chegs out of their nose and remark on their discovery. They may even choose to eat them if they so please.

Small insignificant things may also be referred to as a Cheg or plural Chegs. This is due to their appearance somewhat resembling that of a real cheg.
"Oh man I got so wasted last night... I hope I have some chegs to eat in the morning..."

"Dude your head looks like a fuckin' cheg"

"I save up my chegs so that I am able to have scrambled cheg every so often"
by Dave Erotica September 19, 2016
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