Person 1: OMG! Sarah is such a CEG
Person 2: IKR. She's like the sluttiest person on the estate.
by Louisee:) May 19, 2011
CEG, EG: Dresses cheaply, uses the word "innit", big belly but tight top, stretch marks are a must as well as massive hoop earings.
by A to the NT September 13, 2008
Ceg: Cute Emo Guy

A guy that is very very cute, that has an emo hairstyle or is emo
Girl #1: OMG, look at that guy. He is so cute. And he is emo, too.

Girl #2: I know. He is a Ceg.
by Jana-Blonde June 29, 2009
When a persons trousers and pants gets pulled down by another person.
Oh my got he just got cegged
by Adam Amor January 24, 2007
"When I was small I often crapped in my cegs"
by Borris McFly November 20, 2003
The best friendship group that slays the world and leaves them shook. Consists of Cleo, Ella, Grace and Sarah
WOW, That girl is so cool that she could be in CEGS!
by encyclopediyeet June 10, 2019
To creep up on someone, without them knowing, and pull down thier pants/skirt/jeans etc, causing them to be very embarrased.
"ha, you just got cegged!"
by blackmetalsoul March 31, 2009