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A popular role-playing game on roblox that takes place in the future. The main lore involves fictional ACMF (Asian Continental Military Force) and the NATO. They had a third world war and the end was two large nukes completely fucking up the world. It was created by ChadTheCreator with the most popular installment in the series a being ATF: Deep Six.
Guy: That fucking MEB Railtank sunk the USS Winfall

Guy 2: I know right!
Guy 3: This is why I love After The Flash.
by MEB Railtank August 04, 2018
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Some shitty roleplaying community full of edgelords.
Guy 1: "Dude, I played After the flash yesterday."
Guy 2: "Bro, are you an edgelord too?"
by It's_Falcon November 10, 2017
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