You have to love to hate the PRT. It's the best way to get around WVU's campus unless there is something important that your going an exam, lunch or childbirth. If you use the PRT for something simple, like going to the library to study, it runs perfectly. If your doing something major, it has a 78.9% chance of breaking down.
While you are broken down on one side of the track, you can always notice other cars still going in the opposite direction, this is another unexplained phenomena about the PRT. The usual waiting time for fixing the PRT is about...forever.
Dammit, the PRT broke down again. Good thing I packed some food, a pillow and a blanket.

Jon: The PRT broke down on me today. I missed two classes and an exam.
Paul: Yeah, I was on the other side of the track going downtown. I made it there in plenty of time.
by James Minutelli November 02, 2005
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Puerto Rican Tuxedo - quite possibly the classiest and longest-lasting fashion trend ever. A PRT is an all-jean outfit, usually consisting of jean pants and a jean jacket. However, there have been cases where jean shirts are worn with jean pants and no jacket (see this link:
I like how Rick Astley made sure to button the top button on his PRT.
by David Kullmann November 17, 2008
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I got to the punk show at 8:00, just like the flyer said, but it hasn’t started yet. I guess it’s running on PRT.
by QueenMouse August 16, 2019
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Pausable Real Time. An PRT is a computer game genre in which action happens in real time, but the player has an option of pausing to issue additional commands that are executed once the game is unpaused. This mechanic is mostly used in RPG and strategy games.

Synonyms: RTWP: Real Time with Pause
I like to challenge myself: I always play my PRT games in RTS mode.

Baldur's Gate is an PRT game.
by gromul July 10, 2010
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Pussy Recovery Time. The period of time it takes for a woman’s vagina to recover after she has been fucked really hard and had orgasms.

It’s also used for men as Penis Recovery Time. This the period of time that is needed after fucking a woman and having orgasms before they can go again.
Hey babe, wanna smash?

I can’t right now. I’m still in PRT from when we smashed an hour ago.
by BeachFuckerPDX October 26, 2019
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A group of utterly ass-hurt newfags/rag-heads/Weeaboos who claim that their "leader", Jihadjerry (Who recently announced that he was apparently raped by a tree...) made a "world record" by just hacking his copy of Super Mario Bros. with a Game Genie cheat cartridge. Utterly THOUSANDS of people already proved Jerry wrong, and yet for few 20 or so people who actually kiss his ass every day still defend his "record" (even though it's utter horse shit...). They have indeed hacked a few accounts and failed miserably at trying to ACTUALLY look intimidating, but all they usually just continue whacking off to a broken pile of Nintendo consoles in the background while spamming mindlessly like retarded fuckwanks. They indeed have weaknesses, though. Racial slurs, Yo Momma jokes, and others of the like tend to make them back down immediately.
Semper Games Prt. 1 Example(s);

Semper Game Supporter: Hey there, you suck at games, meat puppet inferior. Semper Games.

Other Person: ...You do realise that your retarded cult is utterly fucked over since 2008, right?

Semper Game Supporter: ...

Other Person: Well, aren't you going to be the better man and acknowledge this fact or are you going to just say "Semper Games" like the retarded fucktard you are?

Semper Games Supporter: Semper Games!

Other Person: Thanks for proving mine, and utterly EVERYONE's point.
by Whitty Nickname April 06, 2010
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