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Chronic Dick Disease.

When your boss is being a complete dickhead.

Symptoms include: egomania, acting high and mighty, anger issues, peering eyes, hovering, fidgeting, pacing back and forward.
My boss was being such a dick today. He seems to have a chronic dick disease flare up. He totally has CDD today.
by Tanamera October 26, 2017
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You: What the fuck, Billy? 2+2 is 4, not 89!

Billy: Sorry, I have CDD.

You: Then get the fuck away from me!
by hurricaneMIKE April 20, 2005
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CDD is an acronym for a disease known as Chronic Dick Dependency. If you see a girl in class that seems to be staring off into space daydreaming then there is a good chance she suffers from CDD.

Also see: CDW Chronic Dick Withdrawal
Kevin: Riyad look at Courtney over there just staring intently at nothing.
Riyad: That bitch is suffering from CDD
Kevin: CDD?
Riyad: Yes CDD. Chronic Dick Dependency. She hasn't had some dick in awhile and she is really feenin' for some right now.
by bulldogned February 25, 2010
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A.D.D, but with cd's. when you're in the car, and you keep switching cd's
that kid has chronic CDD, he flips through his cd case while driving quite fast, and may possibly die.
by Joshua Jean March 30, 2007
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CDD is an acronym for the disease, Compulsive Dabbing Disorder. CDD is a rare disease where the infected person dabs an overwhelming amount per day. A person with CDD will dab anywhere upwards of 60 dabs a day. CDD is a highly infectious disease and is almost impossible to cure. If you realize you have contracted this fatal disease, report to the nearest hospital to seek immediate help. If you wait too long you will stay in the dabbing position for the rest of your life, unable to: eat, sleep, and perform any basic tasks or basic motor skills. This disease is highly fatal and should be reported immediatley.
Daniel: Dood James contracted CDD from Sydney.
Zack: Did James go to a hospital? is he okay?
Daniel: James will be fine, but it's to late for Sydney
by Okwin July 25, 2017
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A form of a language involving using individual letters in place of words. The words are in the letters.
CDD= "See the D(short for dick)"
"CDD?, smoke that shit!"
by Hendrik June 25, 2005
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clue deficit disorder. Indicates a person who is chronically clueless. Variation of A.D.D (attention deficit disorder) used as a mild insult or put down.
"The new guy seems nice but he's basically C.D.D.
Yesterday he told the boss his wife was hot.
by Clint Atkins October 25, 2006
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