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a real babe magnet who love to feel the fanny. always stringing on one or two chicks, proper tanned, hench dude mayn hes sexy. all the lads love him as he's an idol to all of the dudes. especialy respected with a massive cock like that......
Do you see that guy with all them sweet ladies?

He must be a Riyad!

Look over there, it's a hench guy benching 200KG?
I bet his names Riyad
by Nucking-Futs01 June 07, 2011
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Riyad is a term used when a male likes ta-tas or tay-tays.
Sweet as a jelly bean indeed
Riyad sure loves his ta-tas and tay-tays
by SHAM ON! February 23, 2008
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It's a wonderful name with a wonderful personality. Riyad is a male name. Represent paradise and heaven. Peace. A boy who is named Riyad is humble and really handsome. You are lucky if you had a boy named Riyad by your side.
Girl 1: who's that blonde hottie?
Girl 2: He's Riyad
Girl 3: so handsome, loyal, generous and kind!
Girl 1: Aw!
by KpopMothafuckas November 28, 2018
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