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CCW stands for Carrying a Concealed Weapon. The majority of States (33) in the USA allow citizens to apply for CCW permits, which normally applies to handguns.
You currently can't get a CCW permit in Illinois, but the NRA lobby has proposed a few bills this year to change that.
by Odin April 02, 2005
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"Constructed Criticism Welcome" often seen in captions for original artwork online, like on DeviantArt, or in the description of a fanfiction.
Content Creator: "Here's a picture I drew of my dog. CCW!"

Viewer: "Looks great so far, but the shading needs work. Keep practicing."

Content Creator: "Thanks"
by weareallhomos July 02, 2013
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Concealed Carry Weapon.
A state permit allowing a person to carry a loaded concealed pistol.
I pack my CCW and my M1911 A1 ACP so don't fuck with me!
by Diane aka the BITCH July 02, 2005
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Conservative/Christian Culture Warrior. The people who get angry if you wish them Happy Holidays and think gay marriage is the end of civilization.
The CCWs are protesting the Starbucks holiday cup again.
by Serakh December 10, 2017
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