CCJ A Yeshiva located in Jerusalem Israel post Israel Yeshiva from 1st to 3rd years of Beis hamedresh located in the beautiful neighborhood of sanhedria murchvet Jerusalem in between the seminary’s Tomer Devorah and Sharfmans also known as Chafetz Chaim Jerusalem as well as Beis Hamusar and The “j” known for there littnes and sensitivities to krumiet as well as always being Muchrach and ruling iyun and not perusing but never crusing through the shmussen and always hocking never stopping
CCJ is way more lit then mercaz!!
What is CCJ?
by Burnout muchrach April 15, 2019
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Cat Cock Juice. Can be used in conjuction with the Bill and the Pearl Necklace. Optionally with the Hot Karl or the Hot Karla.
- I farm CCJ for a living. From cats.
- I need CCJ to live!
- A cup of CCJ a day keeps the doctor away.
by JSW October 22, 2004
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When you catch your friend ccj (computer chair jerking)
Dude are you ccjing?
by Jerkmaster3000 January 31, 2021
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CCJ stands for Chicken Choice Judy, which is the name of the band formed by Min-Gi Park and Ryan Akagi in the show Infinity Train.
What's CCJ?
It means Chicken Choice Judy, the best band every created!
by Ryan Akagi July 10, 2022
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