Meaning "Red Castle" or "Red Tree"

Someone named this is immensely devoted and loyal to people they care for, often seeming near psychopathic in how deeply they love.
"Akagi" is an extremely passionate person.
by Akagi-AL July 21, 2021
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"Hey man have you seen Shunsuke Akagi?"
"Nobody has seen him, he's been drowning in pussy for weeks."
by Thespork10009 October 19, 2014
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ALRIGHT! He's Inarizaki's libero and kinda cute. He's not a big asshole like that bitch-face Atsumu Miya. He likes string cheese.
Person 1: Lol he is such an Akagi Michinari.
Me: Yeah ig he is.
Person 2: Who the hell...?
by Issei Mastukawa May 25, 2021
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