An acronym used in aviation circles meaning "Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited." Commonly used by pilots as slang to describe anything that is desirable or sought after.
Today is an excellent day for flying...CAVU all the way.
by Ande159 May 21, 2008
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cavus is a big man with big guns don’t fuck with him he gona blow u op
by ricardog November 28, 2019
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Pilots acronym for “ceiling and visibility unlimited”. Narrowly it can mean something desirable or ideal, but in context it can mean you have perfect conditions plus a great perspective and vision, so you are all clear to jump immediately to pursue your goal. Even more broadly this can be a goodbye to a deeply admired loved one to go to heaven.
CAVU, Uncle Greg.
by Mamareee June 14, 2024
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when you are so hungry you feel like there is a big hole in you’re stomach
“there’s a cavus in my tummy
by alpha.sigma August 28, 2023
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