NOD's AI (artificial intellegence) in the Command and Conquer series. If you get the firestorm expansion pack, he will become independent and go berserk on the GDI and even NOD bases.
McNeal- Oh crap, CABAL's core defender is going to attack our base! Intensify the forward firepower!
by Nikko May 09, 2005
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Rumor has it CABAL was originally created by Kane to be the AI for both Kane and Nod near the end of the First Tiberium War. (in Tiberian Dawn) CABAL was first used near the start of the Second Tiberium War assisting Slavik on his campaign to kick Hassan out of power and restore the glory of the Brotherhood of Nod and afterwards, he was used to help Nod fight against GDI. Eventually (in the Firestorm expansion pack) Nod would bring CABAL back online after GDI decommissioned him and CABAL would have the Brotherhood of Nod do such inethical tasks and missions (such as unleashing Tiberium creatures on Civilian populations, assasinating Tratos and an all out assault on Shiner populations.) then CABAL turned on Nod, using Cyborgs to kill all the Nod officials in the inner circle except for Slavik, just after CABAL's betrayal, the GDI took control of CABAL (or thought they did) but in reality, CABAL was only using GDI and Dr. Budreau to locate peices of the Tacitus. After CABAL used GDI, he starts going on a all out assault on the GDI, Nod and Civilians and Shiners (Tiberium mutated humans for those who don't know) populations, capturing organic components for his cyborg army. In the last GDI and Nod firestorm missions, CABAL has a huge powerful bad-ass mech called the "Core Defender" protecting his main core. Once you defeat him on the Nod missions, you will see the ending scene that reveals CABAL's true identity...I'm not telling, you're just going to have to find out yourselves.
I wish I could have the CABAL core defender in my army.
by The Harmeister January 22, 2007
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An angry AI core created by the Brotherhood of NOD. At first, CABAL was merely a puppet of NOD, obeying all their wishes and helping the fight the Global Defense Initiative (GDI).
However, in the firestorm age, CABAL got overloaded on tiberium vines and took on a life of his own.
The AI core now imagined that he was his own being and owed loyalty to no one. He then went medieval on both GDI and NOD, destroying evrything in his path.
Oh, shit. CABAL no longer serves NOD. If he is not stopped, he will kill us all. AAA!!!
by Command_and_Conquer August 27, 2005
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To be playing the free massively multiplayer online game Cabal.
I'm telling you, ever since he downloaded that game, he has been caballing non stop!
by b slivr March 05, 2008
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The group of twats that tried to kill Elizabeth Keen in The Blacklist.

Reddington: Yeah, hoe. It was the cabal.
by Fart Aroma January 29, 2016
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A secret political clique or faction that controls money and power.
by Mister Heisenberg July 07, 2018
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1.) NOD's AI in the strategy game "Command&Conquer". It turns independent in the firestorm age.

2.) MMORPG that was created in Korea, and after celebrating great fame there, was spread across the world in additional European and american versions. It's free to play.
1.) Kane: "CABAL has turned independent! It wants to kill us!!!"

2.) "Dude, my lvl 118 Blader in Cabal is so strong!"
by ManFox July 18, 2009
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