To add more value to a word
Person 1: Man you’re such a nerdd
Person 2: Why’d you spell it with 2 D’s, there’s only one?
Person 1: to intensify it, duh
by Dragmaster2000 February 27, 2020
Used to describe the "growing happiness/greed" of X entity.
"When my jewish friend smells a stash of coins" -> "***Nose intensifies***"
Fedora guy: "***Tipping intensifies***"

//According to Google Trends, it was first searched for "intesifies meme" in November 2012
by STFUNIGGA August 18, 2019
A Femboi Hobby is Stalking people and judging them and give negative opinions about a person's look and so on.
A Very Ungrateful human biological born a Male but wish she was born a Korean Weebo Female instead wrongHole
Will never say thank you but always say fuck you.
Friend:Hey are you triggering the femboi again?
Me:Nah He Trigger himself aredy he's screaming internally Femboi Intensifies
by ScarletVictoria November 11, 2020
Used to describe the "growing intensity " of "X" entity, generally after or in reaction to an event/picture.
+"Insert Fedora guy meme here"
-"Lady appears in meme"
PIC: Fedora guy: "***Tipping intensifies***"
by STFUNIGGA August 18, 2019
Used to describe the "growing happiness/greed" of X entity.

Fedora guy: "***Tipping intensifies***"

Origin of this slang: Australia / With phrase: "WILDLIFE INTENSIFIES"
by STFUNIGGA August 18, 2019
something you never want to hear.
P1: I ate a spicy taco a few minutes ago
P2: *scoots away* Megalovania intensifies
(megalovania earrape plays)
by yardardar April 1, 2021
A term used to address the seriousness of a threat. It can only be used in the most drastic of situations and must be screamed at the top of a person's lungs.
Tony: I think that car is coming right at us......INTENSIFY FORWARD FIREPOWER!!!!!!!!
by Matt Crampton July 30, 2010