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A polite way to say what is probably the most offensive word in the English language, "cunt."
Jane: "Bob called me the c-word!"
Sally: "That cocksucker!"
by Ollie the Dog November 10, 2005
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The polite term for cunt. Used by idiots and pussies alike.
Jimmy: j00 r sux0r c-wurd biznatch lolbunwiches
Eric: You.. are an idiot and a pussy.
by Eric Melech April 16, 2005
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CWord is the alias of Marvin Sanchez, a top rated Halo player. He played on Nice Like Rice, who won 5th place at MLG Canada, the world's most renouned Halo competition league. NLR joined with professional Counter-Strike:Source team, Devastation ( | #devastation), and now competes in Halo 3.
CWord has a nasty BR.

CWord is amazing at calling team shots.
by Alex Stuthers February 06, 2008
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When it's inappropriate in public (or around your girlfriend) to use the word "cunt," or "the 'c-word'"... simply refer to someone as a "cword". It gets the point across with a minimum of vulgarity.
John: That teacher gave me a D...
Jill: What a fucking cword.
by Stuart the Great April 14, 2005
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1. Any word that begins with "c": "C" is for cookie, for one; "C" is also for cat, cute, college, crimson, carrot, cool, crazy, the list goes on for a long time.

2. A euphemism for "cranky Sue", at least according to 30 Rock.

3. A euphemism for "cunt".
1. What "c-word"? There's lots of words that start with "C"! (breaks into "C if For Cookie")

2. "Oh honestly, Miz Lemon, you can be such a c-word,"
(shocked silence)
"...a cranky Sue."
by Lorelili April 01, 2009
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A stuck up, goody-two-shoe, self-centered, non-knowing, hard to please biatch.

A dirty whore.
Man did you see C-word today, she needs to get over herself.
by OperationSupporter March 24, 2005
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