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A school in Henderson, Nevada near seven hills filled with partying, a bunch of rich ass drug users, sluts, and really smart kids. Pills are very popular here, especially smoking oxycontin. Heroin has become popular.

The school doesn't excel in any sports and is basically Gorman except for good sports.
-Dude, did you get domed up last night ?
-of course I did, I went to a Coronado party
by Vegazboii92 April 12, 2011
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Carol tested positive for corona virus and then kissed everybody. She is a coronado.
by mirage88 March 14, 2020
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a bad ass high school in lubbock, TX known for their top athletics department because everyone is on fucking steroids. coronado is also known as CRACKanado for the insane amount of drug using teenagers.
dude, ask that kid for some dro. i know he has drugs on him. he goes to coronado.
by suckmahcock69 October 01, 2008
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An awesome high school found in Scottsdale, Arizona. Has some of the hottest guys, and sluttiest freshman girls. Team spirit is a MUST. Scarlet red and navy blue. The best parties happen here!
Guy #1: That party was SICK!!
Guy #2: It must of been a Coronado party!
by BallerinaCass June 17, 2011
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