Thieveland is the slang-name for Cleveland, referencing the city's impoverished economic state of decline, while also echoing the history of this land appropriated from native Meso-American indigenous tribes. History: "Thieveland" was solely created by Cleveland born graffiti artist SANOizm of Cleveland Skribe Tribe/Doin Everything Funky in 1991 as the clothing brand "Thieveland:216".
Q: What crew you from?

A: Rep'n Thieveland Allways!
by Sanoizm May 16, 2009
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A synonym for Cleveland. Mostly heard locally, Thieveland transcends racial barriers and is used by Blacks and Whites alike. (Whether or not it has anything to do with the fact that everybody in this town gets their car stolen at least once, we may never know.)
A. "Hey lady where you from?"
B. "Thieveland, mothafucka! 216, straight from the 'Wood!"
by mellowcheddar February 7, 2007
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