This c*nt just purported racial inequality as if it were a good thing.
by Markoska July 03, 2018
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C*nt - fans who have the right to say and think as they please in light of the fact that they keep IPW on its feet and stop them from performing to only their mums and the cleaners at the YMCA
"Man, the crowd were hot tonight - what a bunch of good c*nts!"
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IPW Smarks

Word used to discribe those who think they know better - or could wrestle better - than an IPW Professional Wrestler.
- "Chuck! We've got c*nts in the front row again."

- "...and then he slept with the c*nt!"

- "Hmmmm, I smell c*nts!"

- "Get the hell away from me, c*nt!"

- "Bro, Mortician's a c*nt!"
by Insider September 29, 2004
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A day where people gather en-mass to express their anger in humerous ways preferably against members of the public called Barry. Usually ocurring on the third tuesday of september each year. Origins of this festival come from ancient Greece where they would stone people called Barracus on the 15th day of the ninth month.
Rage quiting the morning because you phail at life and tipping your coffee on some one called Barry to celebrate international day of the cranky c*nt
by Lord Anti-Hackgab September 14, 2009
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