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A perversion of the greatest programming language, C. This abomination is proprietary, and no programmer living in the real world would use it.
Shit, I aint' no fool, C# is a language for suckas.
by fearlessrogue May 18, 2003
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First there was C. In C, 'C++' meant 'C+1', so then there was language called C++.
Some clever dick wanted a name like (C++)++ and noticed that there were 4 +s hidden in a '#' character. So C#.
Trouble is, Brits and Americans say the thing differently so they decided you must forget 'hash', 'pound', 'number' and say 'C-sharp'
Is C# a complete rip-off of Java? (Yes)
by nit-pick February 09, 2004
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Pronounced 'C sharp'
A musical note in the 12 tone scale most commonly expressed in the key of C# minor.
Dude, just thinking that Dmitri Shostakovich's Violin Concerto No. 2 is in C# minor is trippin' me out!
by Jeff Lyons September 12, 2006
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Programming language developed by Microsoft whose syntax is very similar to C++, is completely object-oriented and allows fast development.

Contrary to what many believe, C# is NOT proprietary...Java is actually proprietary. However, because Microsoft still dominates its direction, it may be considered to be "semi-de facto" proprietary at this stage.

C# traded off some runtime speed for safety and quick development. More optimized compilers in the near future may reduce this speed disadvantage while retaining the advantages.

Holistically, C# is perhaps the best programming language in existence.
Our group is now using C# in our projects. We can now get things done in half the time.
by AbnormalBoy July 05, 2005
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Programming language that will bring peace and love to the world. And it will strike down upon thee with great vengance and furious anger those (Java programmers) who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers (other C# programmers). And you will know, its name is C# when it lays its vengance upon thee.
Man, C# is beautiful!
by CTRL-Z April 04, 2003
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Simplicity, practicality and power all in one.

Microsoft's description was:
70% Java
5% Visual Basic
10% C++
15% New
by dfyjghj August 28, 2003
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n. Beginers language designed to look new without being different. Think BASIC with curly braces.

n. psudo language thats syntax is simular to actual programming languages.

n. Lanugage designed by Microsoft as an answer to Java. Primary problem was that Microsoft forgot the question. Used to avoid paying licensing fees to a competitor, Sun.
My 3GHz dual Xeon can run C# "Hello, World!" in under 4 minutes!!!
by kirk December 19, 2003
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