A Clockwork Orange:

One necktie, blue. -Religion?

- C of E, sir.

Do you mean the Church of England?

- Yes, sir. The Church of England.
by worsheep October 21, 2009
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People who only show up at church on Christmas and Easter, the only two times a year where church attendance seems 'mandatory'.
Better set up more chairs in the sanctuary so all the C and E folks have a place to sit.
by LFJ February 10, 2006
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C and E is casino slang for a bet on "Craps and Eleven". Observable at any casino where there is a Craps table.
Give me C and E for 100 and put the rest on a hard ten
by adam_before_eve April 22, 2006
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c o e y is life. c o e y is us. there is nothing without c o e y. we are all inevitably c o e y in the end.
c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y c o e y
by c o e y May 10, 2021
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A frequent user of GaiaOnline. This well-known member who mostly posts in the General Discussion (GD) became prominent when several threads containing pictures of her boobs were posted. She is also known for posting girly .gif files in every post (usually unicorns, sparkles and bunnies) which pisses off a lot of other Gaians. For the most part, she's an okay person. Users tend to either love her or hate for her gigantic and natural boobs. Supposedly her Gaian BFF is Pear Kitten-also known for her nude pictures and videos shown on GaiaOnline.

Despite the fact that she has had fame thrown in her face, C e r e s does not want it, which makes it that much funnier that she is well known now.

Example 1-
Person 1: "Dude did you see that thread about C e r e s?
Person 2: "The one with the boobs? OMFG! *fap fap fap*"

Example 2-
"I can't stand the posts that C e r e s makes in the GD! They take up the whole screen!"
by Robert41689 April 18, 2008
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A person who only attends mass on Christmas and Easter.
Observing his larger than usual Easter congregation, Father Dick took the opportunity to deliver a little dig. ".....and it's so nice to see my C & E Catholics this morning. We see so little of you, that when you do attend mass we have to break out the Ritz crackers"

(Practicing Catholics look down on C & E 's taking communion.)

This is a true story. And yes, his name WAS Father Dick.
by Chat Noir May 24, 2008
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