"Bro, ju gonna meet her parents pero she aint finna give up shit cause that bitch cause she's a C. A. P. , yo."
by Negrito DelaMama August 27, 2006
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"I need to C&P that, because it's too long to re-type."
by J* January 1, 2004
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Guys, this is a c/p from an earlier comment, people are trying to be annoying.
by kuurdie July 24, 2009
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Like copy and paste, but to discribe a person. Used for a boy who would copy and paste the same message to lots of girls. See (sleaze)
"I used to really like him but he's a bit C&P
by X March 29, 2005
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C-Y-P refers to Cypress, a suburb of Houston, Texas. A C-Y-P legend is a person, normally an underachieving overweight male, that is born, raised, educated, and works in Cypress. Even if said idler graduates from high school, any post secondary education is out of the question. NOTE: most common ocupations for C-Y-P legends include: janitors, custodians, trashmen, or anyone else that cleans up shit. average income per legend: 12.4 G's/year.
That drop out is a potential C-Y-P legend.
by G Newman March 25, 2006
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a word-processing term that refers to either :

1. copy and paste
2. cut and paste
I'm just going to c & p this onto my essay.
by the time is now 5:55 October 23, 2006
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{over messaging system}
Joe:yo, C&P me that convorsation where that chick says she wants to rub peanut butter all over you
Steve: LOL , Okay {copy and pastes said convorstion into chat window, then hits send}
Joe: ROFL!!!!!
by Robo-Christ April 13, 2007
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