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Cypress was once a small town (now almost a suburb)northwest of Houston, whose landscape was dotted with Dairy Farms and Ranches. It is protected by Cy-Fair VFD, the largest Volunteer Fire Dept. in the country and by Harris County Sherriffs Department. It is home to the Cy-Fair Bobcats (and Sam McGuffy), and Cy-Fair FFA was once called "Harris County's little A&M" the most popular thing to do on saturday nights was to go to the Cy-Fair Rodeo, put on by the FFA. Thanks to so called "progress" Cypress is now just an extension of Houston. The Rodeo is gone, the pastures replaced by miles of concrete and cookie-cutter houses, the trees cut down, and the very identity of this area so rich in history and tradition wiped away.
"I'm not from Houston, I'm from CYPRESS!"
by CyFairRedneck July 03, 2009
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A suburb in Texas, Northwest of Houston.
So much construction it's not right.
I live in Cypress, it sucks. It's all about image.
by Izzabehr November 26, 2004
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Short for Cypress Hills Low-Income Housing Projects. An area bordered by Sutter Avenue, Fountain Avenue, Linden Boulevard, and Euclid Avenue within the East New York section of Brooklyn. This area is far from any actual cypress trees and is over a mile from an area known as Cypress Hills. It has always been a haven for low-lives and dirt bags, cripples, dwarfs, and sluts. Today, despite the best efforts of the NYC Housing Authority and its Police Department, there occurs, on average, a murder a month there.
Yo, me an' da Bro' went down to Cypress, and some niggaz done chased us, took our watches, and beat the shit outta us.
by Little Tommy Bep December 06, 2004
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A small suburban city in northwest Orange County, California. Nice and quiet place to live. A town for skin heads who need to realize that they are in a losing battle. Brown people are taking over.
Cypress is a great place to raise a family.

Cypress is a very diverse city for being so small.
by ClareSchmare June 15, 2011
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A ghetto in Brooklyn,New York that has a lot of hot girls and homies that don't play that shit. Cypress is bordered by East New York,Park Slope and a small part of Ridgewood and it's community projects. Cypress also has it's own community park,which is called "Highland Park" which has all kinds of stuff to do there.
Cypress in da hoooooouse!!!!!
by GAME50 October 10, 2005
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Cypress. A very rare name only give to few SPECIAL children. If you have the name Cypress, your friends have the names, Emma and Anika. Cypress is the name of the most important member of the Ninja Counicl!

:-) ♥♥♥Cypress- LOL♥♥♥
Anika: Hey Cypress! I'm a ninja!
Emma: Hey Cypress! I made you a waffle!
Anika:Hey Cypress! You brother got stolen by the principal!
Cypress: OMFG Triii.... Woah WHAT?!
Anika: HA HA JK

Emma:You guys are so funny! Ha ha ha
by NamerKid November 18, 2011
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A place that in NY that borders East New York.The Heart of Cypress(hills) is in Lindin Blvd.,where the M-Train is, and is mostly dirty due to the people not caring about there community.
Cypress in da hooouse!!!!
by RWOOD4LYFE6 August 28, 2005
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