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Word made up by me to use for all those one eyed creatures out there. Means: A one eyed creature blinking. Roots: Comes from blink and wink, used for one eyed creatures
Person 1: Does Mike Wazowski wink or blink?
Person 2: HE BWINKS!!!!
by The Dark Side Will Claim You January 08, 2017
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What someone who can't wink properly does when they try to wink. Both eyes kind of close together and they end up looking like a retard.
Kate, please stop doing that with your eyes. You're bwinking, and to be honest, it's making me a little uncomfortable. Would you like some eyedrops?
by BKT May 02, 2007
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"What Mike wazowski does when he closes his eye"
1: Can you blink and wink at the same time?
2: Yep that's called a bwink
1: Really?
2: Yeah look it up on the urban dictionary.
by GrayCloudComics November 01, 2016
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Portmanteau of "Backwards Wink".

The Bwink, or Backwards Wink, is a super-suave method of flirting. It is carried out by turning ones head to the side, and briefly closing the eye furthest from the subject of one's affections.
1. "OMG, that chick is so hot! She ttly bwinked at me!"

2. "Dude, I am so into that guy over there. I'm gonna bwink at him. Works every time!"

3. (;
by Wendy Von Birdhausen February 24, 2010
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