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After a night out at the club, you've relentlessy hit on girls but had no luck, looks like you struck out for the night..but wait, there's 15 minutes left on the clock(before the club closes) you see one last girl, talk to her, she agrees to go home with you...BUZZZZZER BEATER!!!! fuckin clutch play!

a) only counts as a "buzzer beater" if its within the last 15 minutes before the club closes
b) mad bonus points if you happen to have a portable airhorn on you and as soon as the chick agrees to go home with you, you bust it out and start blaring it in her face while shouting "buzzer beater!,buzzer beater! buzzer beater!!" (optional...if you're a fucking pussy, if not its mandatory)
Stu: yo calen, you pull last night bra? I saw you chillin with the boys til mad late
Calen: Chyeaa boi, slayed a Buzzer-Beater.., was 1:55 and I pulled a clutch play, not gonna lie though she was a 4 at best
Stu: classic calen, slaying dragons, beating buzzers, #dragonslayer, #buzzerbeater #yolo #goalo
by buzzer_beater June 18, 2013
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In basketball, a shot players take with the time running out. It's usually a "hey, maybe the luck turns to me" shot but they might also decide the winner. Of course, most of the buzzerbeaters miss, because they're very difficult. The most famous buzzerbeaters are loooong range 3-pointers that go in, again, usually with some help of luck. By the way: the ball must be released from a player's hands before the buzzer sounds.
(real situation, youtube it)
(crowd): BEAT L.A., BEAT L.A....
Lakers inbound it, Kobe Bryant comes from under the basket, catches the ball on the 3-point line and shoots the ball which hits nothing but net.

the reporter: Whoooo! Are you kidding me? A buzzerbeater by Kobe and the Lakers win this one in double OT...
by blazh24 November 26, 2009
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The girl you get at the closing seconds of a bar closing in a last ditch effort to get a girl to sleep with you.
Justin: yo man there not much time left and i don't think these girls are going to pan out

Steve : its ok, lets leave these girls before the other bars close and see if we can get us some buzzer beaters.
by generalbone March 16, 2010
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The act of having to take a massive dump/diarrea, and getting to the toilet only seconds before you could not control it any longer.
Luckily that last stall was open for him, because he just barely got that buzzer beater crap in the bowl.
by DLE101 February 20, 2010
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The act of masturbating somewhere you a likely to get caught, but achieving climax and hiding the evidence before getting busted.
I pulled out a sweet buzzer beater in Wades lounge the other night. I managed to stash the evidence under the couch cushion, I bet he won't find it for months!
by rusty g January 09, 2010
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When a man awakens with morning oak, presses the snooze button on his alarm clock and then tries to rub one out before the buzzer goes off
Dale: I didnt wanna go into the living room with a boner because my wife was watching the news so i decided to bang out a buzzer beater before i went out there
Joe: I'm gonna try that tomorrow.
by Jeffree hunt3r August 20, 2011
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