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A Calen is a person that is a sex machine. There is only one kind of Calen. A popular, athletic, sexy, love machine, pussy magnet. And a Calen dick is so big, it is more than likely known as a cockzilla!
Girls love Calen
by Gooddude92384 July 31, 2016
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Calen: Gorgeous, Handsome, Sexy, Hot guy. He is so amazing in many ways. Hes smart, Funny, Sweet, Kind, and Joyful. He is someone who you can easily love in a quick second. A Calen is someone who can cheer you up even when your in the most depressed mood ayone can be in. He make you smile when you talk to him. He gives you butterflies everytime you see his face. He is someone you can just sit there and stare into his eyes for hours without saying a word. A Calen is also someone I gave my heart to. I love him with a strong passion.
Tay:Did you see Calen walking down the street today?
Maddy:Yeah! He was looking Finneee.
Shar:He sure was.
Tay:Um.... Be right back.
Tay:*Chases after Calen*
by TheLovelyTay June 28, 2009
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often used as a boy name but calen's that are girls are louder than life. Always giving out advice. They are the sweetest people you will ever meet and incredibly attractive. Calen is very emotional but always knows how to be strong when she needs to be
I'll ask Calen what to do!
by kloslexi September 06, 2017
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falls in love with girls named brittaney. is a handsome young lad. usually blonde. and pretty cool if you ask me,. :)
calen: i love you.
brittaney: i love you more:)
calen: your amazing.
brittaney: lets get married,
calen: YES. :)
by brittaney&taylorbestfriends:) January 22, 2010
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