Similar to the slang word "cuz" but buz is only said by the bloods.
Waddup Buz how you been.
by Gabe Ornstar October 14, 2016
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Said after when something crazy/unusual/weird happens, or is said. Usually pronounced "Buz". Kind of like What the Fuck, Holy shit and Huh? Rolled into one.
Dude 1: My girlfriend choked on my condom when it came off in her mouth. Dude 2: Buz!!!
by agnawt June 17, 2009
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A very best friend. Short for "bosom buddies".
You can only have one.
Me: Hi Buz!
Nate: Hey Buz!
by Do.Work.Son. February 03, 2011
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A person who enjoys stealing cream eggs from local shops.
Top Buz was suspended the other day for stealing a cream egg.
by Bass January 12, 2005
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The idiots on the biff and chip series with two pages and they're stuck on it for the whole year
by Uejsjsj October 09, 2020
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Getting so stoned you cheat on an std test

So stoned that you work for a free

Get so stoned that your so stoned
“Off the gloop off the sluz buzz
“Ayo....... I’m out da sluzzzzzzzzz........ sluz buzzz
by Sluzzer May 24, 2021
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asking for half of a ciggarette.
yo let me get a buz-down , dont smoke that to yourself, give me a buz-down.
by tare iodee October 06, 2005
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