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How people from Philly pronounce water.
Can I have a glass of wooter?
by Bass April 02, 2005

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A pill poppin weirdo that listens to hardcore dance and trance. Usualy have ginger hair and think they are mega cool DJ's. When really their just ginger weirdos. Always over use the word 'sik'
wow this is a sik choon! Lets go pop a pill, SIK!
by Bass February 20, 2005

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A RAP by D12 (not sung by Eminem you fucktards) poking fun at the fact Em is so big and overshadows D12.
Purple Pills
Fight Music

Off of the 2001 album, "Devil's Night"
by Bass May 22, 2004

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(1)A short, stocky, dark haired girl, who only will settle for what she wants...and what she wants she'll never have.

(2)a bitch

(3)an easy girl who is impossible to love

(4)a lying cunt

(5)someone who does not deserve anything more than the shit she has

(6)a pretender that is only trying to get laid in order to feel loved

(7)anything else vulgar that you can think of
NMA from SP is a skank-a-ma-hoe.
by Bass November 25, 2003

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A person who enjoys stealing cream eggs from local shops.
Top Buz was suspended the other day for stealing a cream egg.
by Bass January 12, 2005

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a form where all are ruled under the iron fist of James.....
Be good or get Crivellowned!!!
by Bass July 19, 2004

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