(n.) Funeral car, modified to fit a coffin in the back. Very slow and heavy on fuel, but cool and cheap. Like a volvo.

(v.) To be put into a hearse, to be killed.
I drive a hearse because I rule

I saw a guy get hearsed last night.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 7, 2004
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adj. 1) to become so inebriated that ones feels they are close to death (riding in a hearse); 2) to be thoroughly damaged or destroyed by a one-time event, person, or object
1) "let's get hearsed tonight!" drunk; 2) "i got so hearsed by my history final"; improper use: things greater than a one-time event, such as "i got hearsed by my childhood
by buff.jacobs April 10, 2008
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A manure spreader; device commonly used by farmers to spread livestock feces on their fields to use as fertilizer.
"Dad's out in the field, pulling the turd hearse behind his tractor. He cleaned the hog house today."
by oldgeezer March 6, 2010
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The truck that empties porta-johns
Bobby Joe: Jeez, Wilbur! Did another varmit crawl up your ass and die?!
Wilbur: Hell no...that's the turd hearse emptying the porta-shitter at momma's house!
by saintsfanmd November 25, 2007
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(n.) (v.) One who wanted to play the game of gangsters rollin' in pimpmobiles, and ended up as dead guy rollin'in a hearse.
That kid is now rollin' in a hearse because he thought he was the shit, but was just another punk.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 7, 2004
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Much like an "ambulance chaser" The shit bags that read the Obituaty's to make a nickel!
DUDE, I've been slamed with "we can help you in your time of need" freak'n snail mail and email's. Only from douche bags that want to make a profit because of your loss from the Fuck'n probate add in the classified's of the local News Paper. I THINK THEY ARE "HEARSE CHASER'S'.
by CPO BOATS March 22, 2010
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