If Vishnu were to reincarnate as a food this would be it.
Vishnu:Hmm looks like earth needs another savior what should i inccarnate as now?
Shiva:BUTTER CHICKEN!!!!!!!!
by Whitehindu March 18, 2007
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A "usually Caucasian" woman who (for some reason or other) dates men of Pakistani, East Indian, or Afghani descent. Derived because white people, when eating Indian food, order butter chicken 90% of the time.
Look at Shannon and Mia with Abtar and Mohammad... they're such butter chickens.
by knowitallLA949 February 12, 2007
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When one person in a so called relationship LOVES the other, and the other person hates them.
person 1: omg he really hates me now.
person 2: no hun, it was a butter chicken situation the whole time
by currrryy September 09, 2010
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A Sex position where the male lies on his back enjoying a plate of butter chicken which is placed on his belly while the female partner pleasures him, preferably in the cow girl position !
Sweetheart, can we please try the butter chicken tonight !
by xdjwleirjldmkfslkdf June 29, 2013
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