An adult that relies on others for financial support and is always broke.
We never call him anymore because he's a busta. We always gotts pay for his drinks.

She's a busta. Dat bitch live at her granmamma's crib.
by tomahhtoe May 20, 2009
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Some one who will coward out (ex:getting shot at or doing a robbery) it also could be another team for a tattle tale
"when the bullets strated flying them bustas just start running" or "man that busta snitched to the police"
by Bonnie213 February 12, 2016
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A person whom was once loyal to the crew/gang, but had ditched them emotonaly or pysacaly', to gain possable money,respect or popularity.
A "Busta" may also abandon his/her values/beliefs to get achieve their goals.
B-Dup: yo' maul' fukka, we be riding into dem' bitches dance crew tonite.
Cracka: nauh' man. Dat'punk bitch jamall gonna go "ON MSN".
B-Dup: Straight Busta.
by Ghettonomus May 27, 2008
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Term used in "gangsta" style rap music to define someone who
uses the lifestyle of poverty stricken, violent, racist, and/or urban areas to gain wealth and recognition without actually having lived with such conditions.
It has also become associated with those who attempt or choose to live such lifestyles (for "street-cred") when they have no need to.
"We fuckin' roll on bustas out here"

"Fo'get dose busted-ass rappers you heard comin' out, 'cause dis is real"
by farged November 21, 2007
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there are many definitions, a busta could just be a...
wanksta - wanna be gangsta
poser - a person who dresses up like they like somethin' but they just wear the clothes (that's just one definition of poser)
wanna be - someone who fakes it and says they are.
"he such a fuckin fake, dat faggot ass mothafucka is a busta!"
by The Slang Wizard April 15, 2006
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