a hardcore gangsta white boy from the mean streets of miamisburg ohio
damn busta be lookin good in thoose akadizzies
by busta bust May 06, 2004
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Originally gangsta slang. A crybaby bitch who wants to go get a gun and start bustin' after getting served. LOTS of rappers have this sound. Don't listen to their shit.
I whooped that bustaz ass and now he's sayin he gon' smoke me? I'ma spray the block where he's chillin, fuck up hiz whole crew.
by DeeShimma November 26, 2006
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(boos-ta) a cake made with pancake mix, topped with multicoloured sprinkles.
"hey man, wanna slice of busta?"
"cakey goodness"
by Hannah n Kate August 07, 2006
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"BUSTA" is a word to describe a Best Friend, Cousin, and Sista all rolled into one. It's normally given among friends who are inseparable and share a special friendship that they believe most people just don't quite understand. They may or may not be related by blood.
I'm a Busta!
by Boomerang Louis July 20, 2011
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