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Super cool mofo who's tight with everyone. Good at everything he does. Charismatic,charming,daring, handsome and beastly.A person everyone wants to know. Good with the ladies. The loudest one in the room. Will back up his hommies, especially in a fight. Loves to party. Addicted to women. Self-centered sometimes. Never humble. Overall a person you need in your life.
Man Tarens the life of this party
by overlord72 July 15, 2010
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Some one who you secretly have had a crush on so you make this dictionary entrance to confess your true feelings.
-yes, this is seth Taren
by Setn June 16, 2017
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Amazing guy with deep brown eyes. Great personality and very charming. Can cheer up anyone and loves to give hugs. Has some trust issues and has hurt many people do to not trusting them and has been through the same thing he has put others through. Very handsome and Very lovable. <3
Examples can't be compared to Taren.
by MistakenPandaUnicorn March 26, 2011
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Soviet LSD, still very popular in eastern europe, not fun to take...
Stick that Taren in your fucking ass to get high faggot...
by Hadolf May 27, 2016
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Someone that tends to like guys with unibrows. She wishes she could have assless chaps like Kendall but sadly cannot. A fucking cool Cornholio, Antwon Bumblefuck, Johnson Fishcock, Phillis, etc. Is a very good bunny. Her shit isn't as hard to walk in as most people think =
Kendalls best friend, haha Taren
by sick.ticket.bruthah August 13, 2008
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