"bussy burst " is a phrase used when you are bopping your bussy to a great song and then a song such as Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance or Northern Downpour by Panic! At The Disco randomly plays with no warning making it a bussy burst.
me: *puts triggering song right after a bussy bop*
Frank: *gets triggered in the middle of a bussy bop so his bussy burst*
by crankthatgay.to.101percent.plz October 19, 2017
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the little bits of unmixed Annie's mac n cheese powder
that make you go " MMMMMMMMMM!!!!! "
"man, those flavor-bursts are so delicious! MMMMM!!"
"just got a flavorburst! YUMMMM!"
by carly and rachel March 31, 2007
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1. When a woman wears a top too small for her large breasts, exerting pressure that balloons them up and out and threatens to burst the shirt buttons or seams.

2. When a woman has a boob job done with extremely large implants that make her breasts look very artificial and rigid, and that if you touch them they will burst.
1. Take a look at what Jenny's wearing! She chose something so tight and now she can hardly breathe. She's bursting at the boobs!

2. Take a look at Jenny! She went from cup size a to double D! She had a massive boob job and now she looks like a pornstar bursting at the boobs!
by twisted tiffany April 30, 2012
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Ned 1: "Big Olga was aw er you last night by the way"
Ned 2: "you didnae go near her did ye..? She must have a snatch like a burst kebab"
by Journeyman August 21, 2007
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busting a load in your pants or before entry to vagina due to uncontrollable excitment.
"That chick is so hot, I'd air burst just talking to her"
by Heels5 February 3, 2010
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the over dramatic reaction from a gay boy or female blowing a given situation way out of proportion.
Le-ah had a vag burst when she saw Jared looking at another dude in the bar.
by Jarblake February 23, 2012
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