a tunnel in your pubic hairs created by a small, disgusting creature that you picked up in a fraternity.
"My multiple pubic burrows are really causing a damper on my love life. It's like a crab-farm down there."
by redis12 February 05, 2012
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Someone who is not as cool as bernie naylor and would deffinately not win in a fight.
Alyssa Ellen Burrows will be owned by bernie
by BPVN6294 September 13, 2010
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Elliot is a strong, caring figure. A leader of all. He is as handsome as a Greek god, a magnet to the ladies. He owns a godly physique, whilst still being as strong as diamonds. With abs as tough as iron, corrugated into a six-pack, pecs as nice as Dwayne Johnson's, Thunder thighs connect to massive calves, its no wonder why girls are so into him. His jawline is as defined as Giga Chad's drawing into a beautiful white smile. Eyes as blue as the Atlantic under fabulous eyebrows scream romance.

Elliot is to create a phenomenon in which a delicate blend of awesomeness, love, compassion, humility, inner an outer beauty, charisma, charity, strength, passion, security and wonder merge to create the amazement that he will forever be.
Girl 1: "He is soooo leng, I wish he was my boyfriend"
Girl 2: "I know right. He must be Elliot Burrows.
Gay guy: "Even I would suck his magnum shlong."
by really-nice-guy October 11, 2021
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