Louisiana State University QB and 2019 Heisman winner. He has the best throwing arm and the biggest nuts.
Joe Burrow throws so well because his massive nuts swing forward and give him momentum.
by goldengirl9 November 17, 2019
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Joe sheisty or joe brr is a football player that makes men want to be him and women be with him, dude is the coolest dude out there
GF: omg is that joe burrow I’m literally gonna cum

BF: wtf
by Daddy trace February 13, 2022
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One year wonder out of LSU and 1st overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft. Won the Heisman by the largest number of votes. Tore his acl while at Cincinnati, conforming he is a one hit wounder. He was not good enough to start at Ohio state and he was barely able to get to LSU. He had a NFL QB coach and a experienced offensive line with great receivers and a good running back.
As an music artist I will have a Joe burrow style song

I Gonna pull a Joe burrow.
by DDDFunnyAlabamarolltide December 7, 2020
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noun- Joe Burrow's phallus dipped in a Yoo-hoo chocolate drink, then frozen to form a popsicle
Guy 1: Will, you would probably suck Joe Burrow's dick.
Will: No, I would not!
Guy 2: You'd probably dip his dick in Yoo-hoo and freeze it to make a Joe Burrow Yoo-hoo popsicle dick. And you'd suck that bitch till it melts.
by Twhiddy December 5, 2021
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