One step up from Nesting. This can include hardcore making out. This act is always done in public areas making everyone very uncomfortable.
Burrowing can lead to babies.
Are they nesting?...OH GOD!! They're BURROWING!!
by Holstein September 2, 2010
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Bizarre sexual gratification method involving making an incision in your partners thigh with a scalpel and making love to the wound
I totally burrowed that fat lass last night

my new boyfriend wants to get into burrowing but I'm a bit scared
by Orange Source December 28, 2010
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Claiming one's spot on a couch by rubbing ones head back and forth on the occupants body. Ususlly used by homosexuals that are sooo gay!
by Chico Fil-A August 18, 2007
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To get completely consumed by the activity.

aka drunk, hammered, fucked up, binge watching House of Cards, eating an entire pizza
"Dude, I'm gunna get so burrowed tonight."
You gunna pound that whole footlong? "Yeah I'm getting burrowed."
"Let's get burrowed!"
"I read the whole fourth Harry Potter yesterday, I was so burrowed."
by James Cow January 28, 2016
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to be lazy, lame, or without purpose.
"Danny is such a burrow" or "I feel so burrow right now."
by Jasi December 22, 2004
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diggn' n' shit
"I had to burrow alot to finally find the pink"
"It took a while to burrow all the way to the source"
by BurrowerMan November 4, 2009
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A person who kicks ass and is the star of every show.
Person 1: Hey man that guy is kicking your brothers ass out there!
Person 2: Ya hes being a total burrows!

Example 2
Person 1: Hey man did you see the new burrows?
Person 2: Ya hes lighting it up!
by HeaTSCoRe April 22, 2009
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