An advanced form of boredom. Symptoms include, fidgeting, walking from one place to another (similar to patrol function in Warcraft 3), spawning witches in Left 4 Dead and thinking about Vampire Diaries.
Kevin: Hey Jon, wutcha thinking about?
Jon: Stefan's hot ass... I'm burred as shit.
Kevin: Wanna go flip some bitches?
Jon: Now you're talking!
by AntI NortskI November 6, 2009
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A phrase originating from the slums of Shaolin used in referring to practically anything. Can be considered a variable for any Noun, Adjective, or Verb. In essence, the one most powerful and versatile word in the English vocabulary.

Tank: Hey did yous hear that new Lil Wayne song, Lollipop?
Cappy: Word son, hes like "told her to back it up like bur bur."
Cookie: Yeah bro that shit is tight, yo pass the bur bur I'm thirsty.
Tank: Damn Cookie, stop being a fucking bur bur and get it yourself.
by FrankieChains May 23, 2008
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synonymous with lol, and kek.
Origin The World of Warcraft.
he just got shooned! Bur!
by RN March 29, 2005
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When you perform oral sex on a girl and get hair stuck in your teeth from her bush.
Andrew's been brushing his teeth all day because he got burred on last night...
by Jhizzlecuz April 8, 2008
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To explode, shoot, or pop. Short for burst. Usually refers to the firing of firearms, mainly rifles.
"Takin' off our shirts, bout to make the rifles burs."

"Bursss, Bursss, Bursss, Swag."
by kevando17 December 16, 2011
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1."Bur" literally translates to "lol" on World of Warcraft. When someone from the Alliance side types "lol" in /say or /yell, members of the Horde side see "bur" instead.

2. Reverse of kek.
Horde 1: OMG, that human is overpowered.
Human: Bur
Horde 2: He's laughing at you! Kill him!
by Melorian June 21, 2010
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describing any undesirable situation or when you're gettin kinda fucked up and it turns from bur bur bur to nur nur nur to passed out
by Celeste and Kayln May 26, 2003
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