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Something that makes muslim women look like they're rocking a mobile tent. I think when ever people claim they've seen ghost sightings...its just a muslim lady in one of those black burqas...shit they dont even have to dress up for Halloween. Just say your all going as darth wader. And no i am not a hypocrite, racist, islamaphobe, jew, homosexual, or a filthy kafir that will burn in hell. Muslims have their opinions..i have mine.
by TheTruthaboutislam September 11, 2009
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The burqa is a woman’s garment sometimes worn by deviant men, which is used to cover up a woman’s or mans entire face, accept their eyes. The burqa is said to be popular among prostitutes who play out ‘The Dance of the Seven Veils’ where strips of veils are peeled off until the dancer is completely stark raving naked.

Historically the burqa has been used by scarlet women who were not able to control their sexual appetites, so were ordered to keep covering up until only their eyes were left to cover up with a shallow veil. An example is the beautiful young Salomé who danced for King Herod, his lords, commanders and important guests, peeling off her seven veils until she was left wearing barely a stitch of clothing. Much like a Cher concert accept a lot more pornographic. See sex toys and Jezebel.

The burqa is a Muslim veil that gives off mysterious hints of sensuality.

The burqa is a stereotypical image of a courtesan, harem women and working prostitutes in Muslim countries. See veil fetishism and mud races.

The burqa has undergone recent modernization with Kylie Minogue wearing a cut up burqa revealing naked flesh, boobs and ass. See democracy.

The burqa is a Muslim veil in the form of a variety of headdresses worn in accordance with hijab (the principle of dressing modestly). See The Prophet Muhammad.

History notes that women who wear the burqa are said to be women who cannot trust themselves sexually in the company of men or who are oppressed by men that will not allow them to have the same sexual freedom as them. emotionally raped.

The burqa is to cover up, to hide, to conceal, to not be seen, or heard, or of little importance in facial expression or of facial appearance.

The burqa is Islamic clothing and varies from country to country. Taliban enforced all women to wear full Afghan burqa’s or suffer death. To have but a hair sticking out of your burka was to also suffer rape then death.

The burqa is said to hide a woman’s shame and keep her behind a closed veiled curtain.
Lotus believed she was not oppressed, but having being emotionally raped from birth with Islam; it was very hard to dig her out from the hole she was in.

The Taliban raped and killed women who did not wear the Afghan burqa, or who wore it in an inappropriate manner that had a hair sticking out.

She did not have to worry about grooming herself or watching her figure, as who would notice her under the full burqa she was wearing?
by The Moody Poet August 15, 2006
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Also known as 'Afghani burqa,' modern-day usage refers to: "A tent-like cloak that completely drapes a woman’s body and face, with only a crocheted screen as an eye-piece. It has been worn by women to go out in public for almost a century or more in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and parts of the Arabian peninsula."

However, it is claimed that this common definition is incorrect, and actually should be referred to as "chadri" (a chador with mesh covering the face). It is an outer garment, "worn for the purpose of cloaking the entire body, worn over the usual daily clothing...and removed when a woman returns to her home."

"The chadri covers the wearer's entire face except for a small region about the eyes, which is covered by a concealing net or grille, and the cap from which the material hangs is often decorated with gorgeous hand-embroidery... The garment is usually sewn from light materials, and requires many metres of material. Blue is a favourite colour for chadris, but saffron yellow and white are often common. The chadri was created by one of Afghanistan's rulers trying to stop anyone from seeing his wives' faces. He came up with the chadri, which became a sign of an upper class citizen; however, as times changed, the new government decided that chadris weren't modern enough and banned them. The upper class people then gave them to their servants. The chadris in those days were made out of silk and the mesh at the front was lace. Before the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the chadri was infrequently worn in cities. While they were in power, the Taliban Regime required the wearing of a chadri in public," thus "It has come to be seen as symbol of the suppressive Taliban Regime."

However many women chose to wear burqa for cultural, religious, or personal reasons.

"Liberating Afghan women from the Burqa was a sub-text of the war against the Taliban. Although some Afghan women have discarded the Burqa, after the fall of Taliban, an overwhelming majority continue to wear it as a matter of choice and social norm."

"She was clad in a head-to-toe blue burqa."
by __hds September 07, 2008
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