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The act of passing poopies in a flushable toilet; flushing the babies away.

The paranoid King Herod was quite famous for his controversial flushing away of the babies.
Man my arse is bustin'! I'm gonna go do a King Herod.

Until I can see the king this house is going to be haunted by brown ghosts!
by Effsix October 21, 2008
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Bit of a bad boy was our King Herod The Great. He got the nod that baby Jesus was born and then ordered all the baby and toddler boys around Bethlehem to be murdered.

Today, used as a term of abuse by mams against radgy dads who can't control their bairns.
Wifey: "Eh Dave ya bastad, leave the bairns alone - yez acting like fuckin' King Herod!"
by Lord Ass June 21, 2005
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