This is when you do enough gangster shit in one place for too long as to wear out your welcome.
Josue Burned up in Chicago, so he had to flee to Mexico.
by Mojo Maniac July 13, 2008
1. to smoke(usually marijuana)
2. to start a cipher(see cipher)

Eastern NC slang
Tryna' burn up after work?
by PScril June 11, 2009
1. What you say to someone when you want them to go away.
2. To catch of fire.
3. To make someone very angry.
I am so fricking tired of you, just go burn up.
by Guido1 March 11, 2008
You coming to burn one up
Burn up means smoking a cigarette
by 7yurban November 3, 2020

Length: 4:47
Artist: Sara
Appearances: IIDX 7th Style, Initial D
Recording company: Avex Trax

IIDX info:
Length: 1:55
Category: Hyper Eurobeat
Light 7: 2 stars/208 notes
7 Keys: 4 stars/421 notes
Another (7): 735 notes
Light 14: 4 stars/521 notes
14 Keys: 5 stars/600 notes
Another (14): 727
I've passed Burning Up For You on 7 Keys, and I have yet to try it on Another (7)
by dj gs68 July 8, 2003
To smoke your weed with someone
"Hey girl wyd after school"?

"Idk I'm not sure yet".
"Ok come through I'll burn it up".
" K bet".
by LLMT May 18, 2016
When someone or something makes you SOO mad you feel like you're on fire.
The math teacher kicked me out of class for texting. She Burn Me Up (BMU)!

Or you could just say BMU.
by Burning Now February 25, 2011