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Adjective; describes the situation of having to defecate urgently.
"Jack was so nervous before his audition, he got all burgo. After he took care of it, though, things went pretty smoothly."

"I've been burgo ever since I woke up, man; I should never have eaten all those chimichangas before bed."

"Call me back in five; I'm burgo."
by Jaina November 11, 2006
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the act of slightly irritating someone, a small act that annoys greatly over time

what you say after performing such an act
"You have a stupid green binder."
"YOU have a stupid green binder! burgo"

*slightly moves someones pencil* "burgo"
by Gazinga April 05, 2010
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The shortened version or nickname of Burgess. Burgess is a name and whoever wrote the definitions on this website hate the person who has that name.
Burgo's Catch Phrase is that TV show. You know the one. If you're Australian.
by Catch Phrase August 25, 2006
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A consumer creation made by combining a fast food burger and taco. The taco is placed, with hot sauce, above the meat patty and below the top bun. Typically, they are made out of items off the "value" or "$1" menu.
My favorite burgo is made out of a Jack-In-The-Box "Jumbo Jack" and "Regular Taco".
by brownnipples February 23, 2009
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Extremely dorky, lame and uncool. Everyone pretends to like that person but talks shit behind their backs
Dat kid is sooo Burgos!
by NMBITCHES October 06, 2009
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