A catch phrase is a short cool/funny phrase that someone says for a certain occasion. A catch phrase is usually unique to a certain person. You can't steal someone else's catch phrase because that's not cool. You gotta make up your own.
A Catch Phrase could be, "What up G?"
by Broskee15 February 5, 2012
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Catch phrase is a game where you pass around a frisbee like object that gives you a word to describe to your team. You must get your team to say the word without saying it.

This game often gets heated and people start to yell and hate eat other, especially people on opposing teams.
Me and my friends all played catch phrase yesterday, and now we all hate each other.
by David Jamison April 6, 2008
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A stupid way to say something and don't say anything at the same time. See also All your base are belong to us (which is the most annoying), I'm Rick James b******************* and That's hot!. Don't you dare saying a catch phrase in a MMORPG.
Guy no.2: Let's play Battlefield! All your base are belong to us.
Me: Die all ¬¬

These are examples of stupid catch phrases ¬¬
by Palas August 15, 2006
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Stupid ass phrases that people think are cool, say far too often, and become stupid fucks that you want to knock out.
-Hey, did you see that show on tv?
-How can I not have?! Everybody keeps quoting the god damn thing.

See also I'm Rick James, Bitch, Thats Hot, or Bling Bling
by Rick James. April 5, 2005
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A spoken set of words dat supposedly is good for "acquiring" hot chick/hunks.
Da theory of a perfect "catch-phrase" is largely non-existent, since (A) everyone is different, and so an approach dat might be attractive/alluring to one person might not work for someone else, and (B) many folks prefer dat you just "be yourself", and so a "canned come-on" would likely be largely ineffective for them, since they would want to know how you truly think/feel, not merely how well-read you are in da art of "making friends and influencing people".
by QuacksO February 17, 2022
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When one coins a new term or phrase, and then googles it to determine if it is original or not, it is in superposition, both pre-existing and new, until observed on the internet.
"I thought I came up with the term 'dildometer' as a ranking system for sex toys. But it was already on urban dictionary... but for a few brief moments, it was Schrodinger's Catch Phrase.
by -=AK=- October 15, 2017
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MBA Catch Phrase Bingo - A series of canned phrases, used by bosses to deflect questions and sound smarter than everyone. Done properly it’s like a magic trick that confuses the masses into thinking the boss answered the question when he didn’t.
Carl: Hey Kyle, Did Lance explain what’s going on with the layoffs during the staff meeting?

Kyle: I asked him and he wouldn’t answer it directly. He decided to play MBA catch phrase bingo with us instead.

He said, “At the end of the day”, “right-size it” and something about “squaring the circle.” No one knows what the fuck just happened in there.
by P-Biddy December 22, 2018
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