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To be ripped off by someone.

To purchase something that is a rip off.
Yo, girl, I got bunk'd so bad when I bought that pepsi. It's usually a dollar, they charged me 3!
by caloemina November 04, 2009
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Bunk'd-verb bun-ka-da, Bunk'din-adjective bun-kin.
Bunk'd From the English root word Punk'd
1.It is an expression used to taunt people you have, will, or are currently beating at some sort of competition based activity. May it be friendly or not when you get "Bunk'd" You just suffered a humiliating defeat and handed over all bragging rights to the victor.
Bunk'd is a word to show your adversary you are not up to par or "inadequate" your skills just don't match that of the user hes on a whole other level then you.
3.Bunk'd,Can also be fecal matter if some one were to say "Get bunk'd on" it would translate in layman's terms to "Get shit on" another for of humiliation
Bunk'd-Just quit the game kid your garbage I haven't bunk'd a bk like you since I played my 5 year old brother, Do me a favor and never play halo again.
by Terris El Capután™ March 07, 2008
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The act of a man resting his ass on another, and proceeding to fart on his/her face.
Example: Dam bro you just got BUNK'D
Chri$$y: Darrell BUNK'D me last night, it was so romantic.
by xXx_snip3erElite_xXx January 25, 2016
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Used in the past tense.

This is the act of a man resting his ass on another person's face, and then proceeding to fart.
Danny: Dam bro you just BUNK'D bro.
Chrissy: I got BUNK'D by Darrell last night it was so romantic!
by xXx_snip3erElite_xXx January 31, 2016
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when a male sits on top of a male or females face and farts
whilst receiving a rimjob, jerry bunk'd all over wendys face
by branfakes March 28, 2016
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