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An extremely unfortunate final moment during the climax of one's porn-accompanied masturbation session, in which the viewer of said pornography experiences their orgasm at the exact same time the cameraman gets an all-inclusive shot of the guy's ass for a solid 5-10 seconds
Guy 1: "Hey man, you don't look so well. You doing alright?"
Guy 2: "Dude, I just had the most humiliating bumshot..."
Guy 1: "Jesus...that's just bad luck, man."
by Richter G. Bathroomshit October 04, 2017
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The act of consuming alcohol, typically from a shot glass, via the anus.
She was having a blast doing bum shots on the bar until she pooted and sprayed the bartender with 151.
by MetalGuru November 06, 2007
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A portrait of someone who look likes a bum/homeless person in mugshot-style.
Wearing that beard on this picture, it really makes this a bumshot
by J_Flow August 10, 2010
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The act of ejaculating onto your partner's buttocks; just as a cumshot, but not onto your partner's face
"Dude, I heard you gave that ho a bumshot last night!"
"Yeah, i jizzed all over her ass!"
by MelGibsonFan54 July 22, 2009
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The Bumshot originated from Kyoto, Japan in 1998 and was invented by Kevin Rockushima. It is now the most common form of smoking cannabis throughout East Asia and Northern Australia and is immensely popular in the Hip Hop scene.

How it works:
You insert a marijuana cigarette (or joint) backwards into your anus. The person you wish to bumshot must then cup their hands over their mouth, nose and the back end of the marijuana cigarette. When you're ready to discharge intestinal gas, notify the person you're bumshotting to inhale deeply. You must now break wind gently.
Although not proven scientifically, the smoke from a bumshot is said to be up to five times more potent than smoking marijuana directly.

Bumshotting can be dangerous and must only be performed by trained individuals using specially designed bumshot technology and supporting literature.
Inserting marijuana cigarettes directly into the anus can cause internal burns if not done correctly.
Intestinal gases can be highly flammable in some cases, therefore you must always have a fire extinguisher to hand whilst bumshotting. The Bumshottee must also wear fire retardant clothing and protective eyewear.
Bumshotting must not be performed by sufferers of chronic diarrhoea.

Famous users of the bumshot method:

Will Smith (rapper, actor)
Kevin Smith (Silent Bob)
Snoop Dogg (rapper)
Richard Gere (actor)
Yokosuma (wrestler)
Tina Turner (singer)
Al Pacino (actor)
Kevin Spacey (actor)
Paris Hilton (solicalite)
David Bowie (singer)
I like to bumshot.
Bumshotting is not just a filthy habit, it's a way of life!
I am a bumshottee and have frequently been bumshotted by a bumshotter during sexual intercourse.
by Adam 'The Hunchback' Gilbert October 07, 2004
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The act of fucking a dirty ass and getting shit inside your penis so when you cum you shoot residual shit
"Man I was fucking this chick with a dirty ass and when I went to cum it was a bumshot:
by TheBumshotter May 01, 2012
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