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The universal language for all homeless men and women
Nick and Perry can speak Bumish so they are able to freely converse with the homeless without being attacked.
by Timmy R. B. April 10, 2016
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Lazy, half hearted, or bum-like
John: Thomas has money for a lighter but he carries around the fireplace lighter instead. He's bumish.

Harry: Ha Ha Thomas is bumish
by Disastrous Brant Napier January 02, 2014
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'Bum-ish' Meaning something is not up to your or others standards, and if something is 'not good' or 'bad'. It has been used alot in the younger generation as sort of a light way to let out your inner feelings. Or in other words, a censored swear of sorts. This could also add comedy to the situation your in making the thing that's bumish less, well, bumish. As it uses the word 'bum' which may be entertaining or funny to the younger people.
You could use it like: "That test sheet was bumish" instead of: "I didnt enjoy that test sheet." You would not say: "It was so bumish.", just: "It was bumish."
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by Lushbartman June 12, 2017
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