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A scenester who stands so close to the speakers at gigs his/her ears bleed. Later to be found staggering home alone as he/she could not hear their friend's calling their name at the venue and have lost their sense of balance.
"Did you see that defcore cunt? Looked like his brain was seeping out of his lugs!"

"Dude thats a bit harsh."

"What do i care? Cunt can't hear whatever i call him."
by Tongueless Ghost of Sin August 5, 2009
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Slang term for a woman's back passage. Similar to 'back door' but more urgent.
Anne: (suggestively) "Well its our anniversary darling, so i think we can do something special tonight..."

Dave: "Can i stick it in your fire exit?"
by Tongueless Ghost of Sin October 30, 2009
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Steaming. Mullered. Trashed. Moosed. Inebriated. Goosed. Liquoriced. Pissed as a pirate on pillage day.
"Wrfism sbhe shhhrlorrr"

"Dude you sound gangplanked!"
by Tongueless Ghost of Sin August 27, 2009
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A one-time distinguished gentleman who is now so deeply in the grip of a hopeless alcohol addiction that he frequents his local convenience store in the hope of persuading people, usually older women, to give him money to purchase White Star/White Lightning/White Diamond/insert most potent cider that tastes like it was brewed in a tramp's sock here.

This ploy may work on account of the subject still bearing remnants of his respectable past, may be fairly well-attired, and, besides a comical slur, appear articulate and well-mannered. Some playful flirting and/or shameless compliments are vital components in the Scrounge Lizard's armoury.

These tools cease to be available after more than two successful stints during the day. At this time the Scrounge Lizard, having consumed his bodyweight in cheap hooch and pissed his pants at least once, may resort to less affable and more direct means of fuelling his addiction, although when his flagrant piking is challenged the charm offensive is redeployed, to sometimes devestating effect.

Note: the Scrounge Lizard's natural habitat forbids off-licences as domains, usually because the clientele will not be susceptible to charm or sympathy.
"What took you so long? I've been in here ten minutes."

"Oh yeah sorry, i was stuck swatting away some pathetic scrounge lizard outside."
by Tongueless Ghost of Sin August 5, 2009
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An auxiliary word which replaces any other you don't care to use at the time. To be deployed at will.


As Adjective: Bumble: Aggressive
As verb: Be bumbled: Be trollied
As noun: Bumble: Trouble
by Tongueless Ghost of Sin July 27, 2010
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The act of vomiting into the mouth of a sexual partner, who should then be courteous enough to return the favour.

This gesture of affection can be repeated ad infinitum, but the rules are that not a single drop shall pass outside of either person's mouth.
Step 1) Eddie moves in on potential conquest. As he moves in for a 'kiss', said conquest meets his lips.

Step 2) As soon as it can be ascertained that lips are parted, the operation has the green light. Eddie triggers his gag reflex and spews a stream of bile into conquest's mouth

Step 3) In most cases, a person's natural reaction to being sick is to turn their head away and to the ground. EDDIE MUST NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. With a deft drop of the shoulder he has manouevred underneath conquest and pressed his mouth to hers once more, catching her bounty

Step 4) Eddie has two choices now: swallow or continue the mouth-rape. Eddie realises that Divine Reciprocity is a game that gets increasingly difficult to continue, so his decision is not taken lightly

by Tongueless Ghost of Sin November 12, 2009
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The unmistakeable look of resignation in a person's eyes when they realise their life will end in the next few moments.
Some say this is a look of incomprehensible terror, some say a mental breakdown, others that it's the retrospective of said person's existence playing to them. Whatever it is, you know the look when you see it.

The first few moments after the glaze are usually the happiest of said person's lifetime, for it is now that may relish true freedom.
Not only is the pain over very soon, but they know, for a finite number of seconds, they are essentially invincible.

Another rumour is that Death itself whispers the secret of life to the condemned just before expiration. If these prospects excite you, worry not. Your death glaze is on the way!
At the Zoo:

"Dude, i just totally saw Carl's death glaze!"

"I'm not surprised. Why did you think it would be funny to get him drunk and chuck him into the lion enclosure?"
by Tongueless Ghost of Sin August 6, 2009
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