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Like Tinder but better. Largely filled with white people, like Chad, Brad, Jad, and Tad.

Most are some sort of CEO, co founder or entrepreneur and the rest are finance bros. Everyone is a “world traveler,” after visiting a mind blowing 10 countries!

Less weirdos than Tinder but more douches in exchange.
Claire: I’m going on a Bumble date tonight with a tech entrepreneur. So excited.
Lea: But is it a company of 1 employee/himself? Maybe I should update mine to “Founder of Self”
by TooBusyNexting November 22, 2018
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Thinks it could be the next Williamsburg of Jersey but will never be.

People from elsewhere and even NYC move there for cheaper rent but unless your job/pay is totally mediocre, it makes no sense to be putting up with the nightmare that is the PATH and MTA transit systems if you work in Manhattan.

People who live there know that New Yorkers don’t want to associate with JC so often preface their location with (“it’s only just 10 mins from the train etc”)
Jessica: Hey, we should all try out this new bar in my hood sometime this weekend.
Squad: Oh cool definitely, where is it?
Jessica: It’s in Jersey city. Just ONE stop from the PATH train! 15 mins tops.
Squad: Oooooh.. yeah that’s tough. not sure we can make it. Sorry.
by TooBusyNexting November 22, 2018
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Typically works on Wall Street, reeks of male privilege and boasts of his money and his (super-inflated) job title. Outwardly very confident, douchey, but are actually insecure and constantly trying to overcompensate for their shortcomings.

Most have nothing going on outside of their work lives, and fun doesn't exist without alcohol/drug use.

They work for the sole purpose of making more money and then have moments of sadness when they realize money isn't everything.

If you've met or dated one finance bro, you've met them all.
Friend: Hey are you seeing that guy again?

Girl: Nexted. He's a total finance bro, thinks he is "god's gift" which he certainly is not.
by TooBusyNexting November 18, 2018
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