To get so drunk that you have to be moved around in a shopping trolley.
Rachelle got so trollied the other night that she woke up in a public bathroom covered in mayo and couldn't remember why.
by MCHEVA December 14, 2007
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Totally wasted/inebriated/intoxicated/blotto...
After that fifth of whistky we were totally fucking trollied!
by Vintage October 2, 2005
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pissed as a fart, mashed, wrecked, tipsy, inebriated, very very drunk
Beating Germany Five:Nil was the excuse Jasper gave for getting so trollied he couldn't remember his name.
by Jasper Mane December 11, 2002
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Getting totally drunk on a night out
you know nick?
he got trollyed last night!
by skinnersranger February 7, 2012
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adjective. characteristic of, or like, a troll. The adjective form of troll. Describes something an Internet or real-life troll would do, or may be used to describe a person who in some ways resembles an Internet troll. May also be used to encompass any or all acts of trolling. Trolling is a trolly thing to do, as are many other actions which may fall under the growing and loose definition of trolling. Has a slightly positive connotation.
Accepting a job for the signing bonus and then bailing is a trolly thing to do. Good thing they'd never let you get away with it.
by weirdalsuperfan April 2, 2015
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Antiquated and out dated form of transportation. Also used in the term wordhop on the trolly/word. Which means catch the oppurtunity, get on the go, or do the latest trend.
by larstait October 12, 2003
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